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Private Ephesus Miletus Dydima Tour from Port Kusadasi

What To Expect

An excellent Samyeli Travel full-day tour for guests wishing to visit more of the historic sites of the Ionia… You will meet Samyeli Travel guide at the Port of Kusadasi from where you will start your Private Ephesus Tour. The first place you will visit is at Miletus, an ancient city located the present Akköy at the mouth of the Buyuk Menderes (meander) River. As a center of a trade route in the past, Miletus was one of the largest cities in Anatolia region with a between 80.000 and 100.000 inhabitants. Booming Miletus was abode of the 6C BC philosophers Anaximander, Anaximenes and Thales, the town planner Hippodamus and architect Isidorus. Besides, many colonies were founded by the Miletus. With a prominent position, Miletus became the most significant port in this region, as well as one of the high active members of the Ionian Confederation of the twelve cities. In the 7th century, BC Lydians besieged the city. After that, the city was controlled by the Persians, Roman and Seljuk Turks. After Miletus, we will visit Didyma, a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo. The world Didyma meant “twins” and it was associated by some as being the meeting place of Zeus and Leto to have their twins Apollo and Artemis. Didyma was famed as a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo, which served a similar purpose as the Delphi of Anatolia. It was not a city, but a sanctuary linked to Miletus by Milesians with a 19 km/12 miles sacred road. Then we will drive the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world where your guide will explain to you the value of this important site. After that, we will visit Ephesus, one of the most significant cultural centers of the ancient world. You will visit the Ephesus Ruins, which consist of monuments such as ancient concert hall Odeon, the Temple of Hadrian, Celcus Library, the Roman Baths and the Theatre. Last one is still in use, especially for concert performances, and it has an amazing capacity of 25,000 seats. As you will be walking through this ancient city, you will notice the streets paved with marble which give a hint this was a city of great wealth. Once the tour is finished, and before heading to the Port, you will have some free time to visit shopping facilities.

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