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Ephesus Tours, once the most important commercial center of the western Anatolia, is one of the highlights of Turkey that awaits the exploring tourists. The city was established as a port on the mouth of the river Cayster and was one of the foremost cities of the world for its being on a strategic trade route in Anatolia. The city itself and the ruins are all on the sides of a fertile valley. The extensive ruins including the theatre ,library or gymnasium create the special atmosphere of Ephesus ,and appeal to every visitors. Ephesus has been a “center” during the date. Once a trade center of the ancient world, a religious center of the early Christianity and today, a unique tourism center proving all its perfectas to the visitors through the world.

Izmir (airport) 72km Istanbul 652km Marmaris 243km
Kusadasi 18km Pamukkale 215km Bodrum 173km
Selcuk 2km Soke 38km Heraklia 87km
Virgin Mary 7km Priene 53km Afrodisias 162km
Aydin 65km Miletos 74km Sardes 151km
National Park 48km Didyma 93km Fethiye 338km
Claros 34km Pergamum 172km Sirince 8km


Avarage Midday Temperatures in C

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
6 8 11 16 20 28 30 32 28 22 14 8
Avarage Seawater Temperatures in C (Ephesus Beach and around)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
10 11 12 15 20 24 26 26 24 21 17 13

Taxis are numerous in Selcuk/Ephesus and recognizable by their yellow color. The meter shown on the meter reads according to the distance traveled. Pay the fare shown on the meter in TL.

The Dolmus is a special service fount only in Turkey, which is a collective taxi following specific routes and is recognizable by its yellow band. Each passenger pays according to distance traveled and can get off at specific stop. This is a very practical means of transport and much cheaper than a taxi

Bus (Inter – City Coaches)
Many private – conditioned bus companies provide frequent day and night services between all Turkish cities. Coaches depart from the bus stations (Otogar) Most of the public buses are plentiful and cheap From Selcuk/Ephesus you can find buses to any direction of the country.

Domestic and foreign medicaments are sold in pharmacy (Eczane in Turkish); there also have a large range of non-prescription medicines. Personnel are often able to speak English. Some pharmacies are on- duty at nights.

For your own safety we advise you to take out traveler’s insurance to cover accidents, illness, baggage and liability

Ephesus Tours

Post, Telegraph & Telephone
Turkish post offices are easily recognizable by their yellow “PTT” sign. In Selcuk/Ephesus Post office (PTT) is open 24 hours, having automatic telephone connections, parcels, registered mail, special delivery mail, post restate, air mail telegrams, fax and telex messages may be sent from post offices. Operator assisted calls may also be ordered here. Postage stamps, envelopes, postcards, telecards and pay phone token (Small token for local calls) are available.

Direct calls from and within Selcuk/Ephesus can be made from all telephone booths, all post offices and private telephones.

To make a long distance local call, dial zero first, the area code second and the phone number third. When making an international call, dial zero first, dial zero again after the odd dial tone, and follow by the country and area codes and then your number. For automatic calls.

Long-distance Calls
0 (Area Code) (Tel.Number (7 Digits)

International Calls
0 0 (Country Code) (Area Code) (Tel.Number (7 Digits)

To telephone overseas by operator (Non-Automatic)

Information : 118
Problems : 121
International Area Dialing Codes : 118
Telegrams : 141
International Operator : 131 / Info = 162
Long – Distance Operator : 131 / Info = 161

Electricity – Water – Time

Main electricity is 220 volt in Selcuk/Ephesus and 50 (Hz) AC, the same as in most of Europe. Plugs and sockets are the same as in the Continental countries of the European Union. British and American visitors need plug adapters for electrical appliances.

It is safe to drink tap water in Selcuk/Ephesus, but it has an unpleasant taste. In hotels and restaurants it’s best to order bottled spring water, which is abundant and cheap.

Turkey is seven hours a head of Eastern Standard Time and two hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime.

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