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Selcuk is an important city in Turkey and is situated very close to Ephesus, Kusadasi and several other historic sites in Turkey and was created by Turkish tribes who started living here in the 12th century. Its location has helped it become very popular and most tourists visit Selcuk when they are travelling across Turkey.

A short drive of 18 kilometres takes you to Kusadasi, and the view changes drastically from long flowing beaches to towering mountains within this short trip. Travellers who wish to visit sites like the House of Mary and the ruins of the City of Ephesus find Selcuk an ideal place to set as base. It offers modern amenities while retaining its old world charm.

Selcuk is located amidst immense natural beauty with lush mountains on one side and beautiful beaches on the other. Sirince village in particular attracts a lot of tourists because of its spectacular beauty and is situated just 8 kilometres from Selcuk. You will fall in love with the charm of this city and its scenic beauty will help you relax and enjoy yourself. Kusadasi Ephesus Tours

The city hosts several festivals across the year and the Camel Wrestling Festival in particular is a huge hit among international tourists. Visitors are invited to participate in these events, making them all the more enjoyable.

You will enjoy shopping in Selcuk and the city is home to many rustic artists. The local bazaars present a very pretty view and you will enjoy this quaint town a lot. You can discover several exotic dishes which are always prepared following high standards of hygiene. You can relax and enjoy yourself in the city without a single worry in the world while you are in Selcuk and the locals will welcome you and make your trip a memory you will always cherish.

Transportation in Selcuk

Selcuk is situated on the national Aydin - Izmir motorway and is directly accessible by road from anywhere in the country. You can enlist the services of a private vehicle or opt for travelling by a bus. Regular bus service is available from Selcuk to Izmir and Kusadasi and buses are available as frequently as 15 minutes.

You can travel to Izmir by flight. Izmir airport receives local and international flights along with private charter planes. From Izmir, you will easily find several modes of transport for getting to Selcuk.

If you wish to travel by sea, the nearest major ports are Kusadasi and Izmir and they are both within a couple of hours of drive from the city.

Railway: Selcuk lies directly on railway route and sees regular visit from tourists on special tours, travelling in steam powered novelty trains, which are a special service from the Turkey tourism board.



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